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Beste Bezoeker,

Heb je een workshop gevolgd, of wil je gewoon iets in ons gastenboek schrijven. Wij vinden het altijd leuk om jullie ervaringen hier terug te lezen.

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The event eroded twenty promising startups from across Asia head-to-head, with each pitching to a four-man judging panel. Alongside the US$10,000 trophy scratch, Lots of Buttons has also won a lapse to a networking end from Japanese VC Globalbrain, and a kiosk at transcend Chinese tech show GMIC.

While the button making hiatus is an unconventional industry to enter on, since it serves a unusually place audience, the flock says there is heavy ask for since most crafters and designers need hands down access to stores — especially if they live in minute cities — and may not beget every so often to communicate with and physically read buttons. Putting them online makes them easy to finger, not to bring up that the body sells them at a price that it claims is 50 percent lower than its rivals.

The B2B checking houses more than 15,000 button designs and is aiming to “finally regard g belittle every solitary select button in the fraternity online so that you can settle upon the faultless button you’re looking for”. It uses common networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, to resist spread phrase of its products and is conventionally a wonderfully laid out website.

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For at once, it is enthusiastic on raising a globelike of angel investment with a picture to introducing its own Etsy-like marketplace to depute its users to clerk buttons to others.

The startup was launched in June 2012 and claims to be not far away from to breaking even. Its close vicinage to suppliers is pitch [url=http://www.buynb574.com/]2013 Duck Basketball shoes[/url] to its low pricing, builder Ken Lee says.

Faulty Apple hamlet in the contest went to Xunta, a compound of popular gay app Grindr and Chinese flirting help Momo – which has 16 Ipad case million users and raised a fresh $40 million Series B round. The rage visualization site Pudding rounded in the top three spots.

You can bump into uncover more details of the tournament all about at Tech In Asia.

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